Forbes Lifestyle November 2019

Forbes:  The Best Dark Chocolate 2019

LeSaint Chocolates: Stéphane Lesaint focuses on purity, with simple flavors that shine through by using the best ingredients (such as the artisan vintage liquors he sources from France) and, of course, “Organic whenever possible.”  Says Lesaint. But what he loves most is boozy chocolate. “I make a Whiskey Truffle using Bulleit Bourbon and a Red Velvet Truffle perfumed with Grande Marnier. “ He makes seven different kinds of classically shaped truffles, all of them with dark chocolate, and all of them rich and decadent. One truffle (which Lesaint insists must be enjoyed at room temperature) goes a long way—best bets include his Saigon Cinnamon, Whiskey and Red Velvet offerings.  


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