Gourmet Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment
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Assorted Truffles

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This wonderfully delicious assortment lets you sample our entire handmade gourmet chocolate truffle collection. 

Extra Dark Truffle  Our darkest truffle! We start with our 72% Grand-Cru Ecuador dark chocolate ganache truffle hand-crafted by our gourmet chocolatier. It is rolled in pure cocoa powder making this truffle buttery, dark and a sinfully decadent experience. The best chocolate gift for a Dark Chocolate lover.

Espresso Dark Truffle   A wonderfully rich blend of coffee and dark chocolate. Made with freshly ground fine eSpresso powder, this creamy 68% Bolivian criollo gourmet dark chocolate is perfect after a meal or with a coffee.

Arancia Orange Truffle   Orange and chocolate are a classic flavor combination and we use Arancia paste ('orange' in Italian) from Corsiglia Italy to perfume our 68% Bolivian criollo dark chocolate truffles.  This decadent truffle is velvety smooth with a hint of orange.

Saigon Cinnamon Truffle   Fresh natural Saigon Cinnamon from the Vietnamese Highlands is the key flavor note of this exceptionally flavorful 68% Bolivian criollo dark chocolate truffle. It is finished by being lightly rolled in Saigon Cinnamon and sugar. Delectable in every way. 

Whiskey Truffle  Our boozy Truffles. 68% gourmet dark chocolate ganache with a nip of Whiskey... Bourbon to be specific. It is then rolled in pale-green powdered sugar.

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INGREDIENTS:  Please see individual product links above for ingredients. GLUTEN FREE. VEGETARIAN. Allergens: may contain traces of nuts, soy.
Our ballotins are traditional French boxes filled with loose chocolates and gently wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. Most chocolate in France is sold by weight and we apply the same principal here in order to give you a generously filled box.

4.5 oz = a little bit more than ¼ lb   (approx. 8 pieces)
9 oz = a little bit more than ½ lb   (approx. 16 pieces)
18 oz = more than 1½ lbs   (approx. 24 pieces)
Chocolates are shipped with ice packs during the warm seasons (for Northern US) and all year round (for Southern US) to ensure they are intact and delicious! A $10 fee is included with shipping.

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