The Gifting Experience

The Ultimate Chocolate Gift Experience

Featured in Forbes Holiday Gift Guide 2019-2023

Send a gift that is memorable, invokes curiosity and a deep satisfaction of the senses. Chocolate has been given as a gift for hundreds of years. LeSaint Gourmet Chocolate gifts are truly impressive. So impressive that we have been featured in Forbes Holiday Gift Guide for the past 3 years. Why? Because not only are our chocolates some of the finest in the world, but the gift experience is a step above. 


From the moment they receive the package: the curiosity and wonderment. They are intrigued and excited. They open the box to reveal the ballotin. Luxurious and high end.

What is this delight and what is in this box will be what they think. Upon opening the ballotin they experience the fragrant aroma of some of the worlds finest chocolates.

As they move the golden tissue paper aside their eyes are treated once again. This time it's the chocolates themselves that are the focal point. Perfectly made chocolates, some hand-painted but all freshly made in small batches.

As they take the first bite the creamy taste of gourmet chocolate is all they can think about until the very last bite. 


Luxury Packaging
Our handcrafted chocolates are little works of art, so they deserve to be presented in a way that embodies this. Our packaging is designed to impress. We use high quality gift boxes with satin ribbon and tissue paper and carefully fill them with the freshest highest quality chocolates. 

Award Winning Chocolates
LeSaint French Chocolates have won 5 awards from the International Chocolate Awards. Our Almond Praline Pavés, Passionfruit Bonbon, Arancia Orange Truffle and Japanese Yuzu Pavé are our award winning chocolates. 

The Finest Ingredients
We only use the finest ingredients in all of our chocolate. Vanilla from Madagascar, the finest cacao from South America, the richest gourmet butter from France and only the best Swiss couverture.

Options for Everyone
We understand dietary restrictions. We have a number of gourmet chocolate products that are Nut-Free, Vegan and everything is Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Schedule Deliveries
Order today for any time in the future. Simply place your order with the scheduled delivery date and you beautiful chocolate gift will be delivered on time and in perfect condition with our No Melt Shipping Guarantee.

Add a Sweet Note
Personalize this wonderful gift with a sweet note printed on our high end stationary so the recipient knows who they have to thank for this wonderful experience.