Origins Of Our Cacao

We are chocolatiers: Chefs of Chocolate.

We don't process cacao beans (as in bean-to-bar- production); we leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Instead we use superior ingredients to make our award-winning confections. The most important one is chocolate couverture.

Our supplier is Swiss and works with cacao plantations in the Caribbean, Central and South America. They guarantee the sustainability of their cacao beans. Their guidelines include the complete traceability of cacao beans to their origin.

Cacao & Sustainability

- Noble grade cacao beans Criollo and Trinitario are used for our Milk and Dark chocolates originating from Maracaibo (Venezuela), Sambirano (Madagascar), Arriba-Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Amazon region Beni (Bolivia), Samaná (Dominican Republic).

- They know the farmers who cultivate the cacao beans and remain in close contact with both the cacao farmers and their local partners, including visiting them regularly.

- This contact and the regular visits allows them to be familiar with their work and production conditions.

- To ensure the high quality of the cacao beans, they always pay prices above those recommended by Fair Trade. So our chocolate is Beyond Fair Trade. 

The Finest Raw Materials
- cacao butter for pure prime pressing - no additional vegetable fat
- cream and milk products only of Swiss origin
- natural pure soy lecithin certified GMO Free
- authentic, natural bourbon vanilla originating from Mananara, Madagascar

Traditional Processing
- original, traditional gentle processing methods
- highest technical know-how and innovation
- complete production from the finest cacao bean to exquisite chocolate in Switzerland. 
 Chocolate Origins