Passion Fruit White Chocolate Bonbon - Silver Medal Winner

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14 products
    14 products
    gourmet assorted chocolate bonbons and pavés
    award winning gourmet chocolate box
    Assorted Bonbons & Pavés
    from $25.00
    Dark chocolate wine pairing tasting box
    wine pairings for gourmet chocolate
    Chocolate Tasting Box for Wine Pairing
    award winning gourmet chocolate pavés
    Award-winning gourmet chocolates
    Almond Praline Pavés
    from $25.00
    Organic Coconut Ganache Pavé
    Dark Chocolate Coconut Pavé
    Coconut Ganache Pavés
    from $25.00
    gourmet chocolate peanut butter pavé
    hand made peanut butter chocolates
    Peanut Butter Pavés
    from $25.00
    Dulce-de-Leche Hazelnut Pavés
    from $25.00
    hand painted gourmet pistachio chocolate bonbon
    gourmet chocolate bonbon
    Pistachio Vert Bonbons
    from $25.00
    Gourmet Turkish Cardamom Pavés
    Turkish Coffee-Cardamom Pavés
    from $25.00
    Moroccan Mint Dark Chocolate Pavés
    from $25.00
    Calvados Caramel Bonbons
    from $25.00
    banana caramel bonbons
    Banana Caramel Bonbons
    from $25.00
    award-winning raisin and cognac bonbon
    Raisin-Cognac Bonbons
    from $25.00
    award winning gourmet chocolate bonbons
    Passionfruit Ganache Bonbon
    from $25.00
    award winning gourmet chocolate
    Yuzu Pavés
    from $25.00
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