Never Forget


We grew up in Normandy and all four Lesaint brothers served in the French Military services as was decreed by law at the time.  But as Normans we understood the importance of serving and protecting our land and our family.  As children we heard many tales of the WWII occupation and who saved us:  the Allies.

In my mother’s small town her father was the butcher and had his own business.  My mother recalls hiding under the table as a child when the Nazi’s stormed into the shop and took anything they wanted.  She still shakes at the thought.

America has stood for freedom from tyranny for over 200 years.  The arrival of the Allies meant freedom for France.   Les Cimetières Amérique in Normandy are at the beaches where the Allies first landed. 

Memorial Day is a day of official remembrance for those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice:  they gave their lives for their country.  Every year on Memorial Day, France remembers too.

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