Dark Chocolate Lover's Gift Box

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For those who like it dark, we offer a box of blissful dark chocolate favorites to please the most discerning palette.  Contains 9oz Pure Dark Hot Chocolate, 9oz Extra Dark Truffles, 9oz Arancia Orange Dark Truffles, 4.5oz Morroccan Mint Pavés and 3 Art Deco Bolivian Bars and is over 2 lbs of chocolate. An impressive hostess or business gift and a luxurious gourmet chocolate indulgence!

Art Deco Bolivian Bar  Made with 68% wild Bolivian criollo cacao, this is the Chateau Margaux of chocolates. Wild criollo beans are rare and this all natural chocolate is unprocessed and free of artificial ingredients.  Let it melt on your tongue and experience the fine notes and flavors like a rare wine vintage.  Our unique packaging and mold are  inspired by Art Deco design.  

Pure Dark Hot Chocolate  Hot cacao is the wine of chocolate lovers.  Our artisan drinking chocolate is not too sweet and a bit decadent as it makes a velvety smooth cuppa.  We us a clean, extra dark 72% cacao from Ecuador free from artificial ingredients and chemical processing.  A gourmet chocolate cup of comfort and joy!  Send hot chocolate today.

Extra Dark Truffles Our darkest truffle! We start with our 72% Grand-Cru Ecuador dark chocolate ganache truffle hand-crafted by our gourmet chocolatier. It is rolled in pure cocoa powder making this truffle buttery, dark and a sinfully decadent experience. The best chocolate gift for a Dark Chocolate lover. 

Arancia Orange Truffles Orange and chocolate are a classic flavor combination and we use Arancia paste ('orange' in Italian) from Corsiglia Italy to perfume our 68% Ecuador criollo dark chocolate truffles.  This decadent truffle is velvety smooth and makes a wonderful chocolate gift. 

Morrocan Mint Pavés This artisanal French-Morrocan gourmet mint and 68% Bolivian criollo dark chocolate pairing is a powerful and subtle flavor in the same mouthful. Hand-dipped, rich, satisfying and perfect after a meal.  A true taste of Paris.

INGREDIENTS: See each individual product link.  *Gluten-free. *Vegetarian. Allergens: may contain traces of milk (including lactose), almonds and hazelnuts.
PACKAGING & SHIPPING:  We use a a classic tea tin for our hot chocolate.  The chocolate itself is freshly packed in a heat-sealed plastic bag.
35oz = more than 2 lbs
Chocolates are shipped with ice packs during the warm seasons (for Northern US) and all year round (for Southern US) to ensure they are intact and delicious!

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