Our Ballotin

500 gm Ballotin

While our chocolate is impressive, our presentation is nothing to sneeze at !

We use traditional French packaging, known as ballotins.  A wedge-shaped paper box, the ballotin allows for storage of assorted chocolates in all shapes & sizes. In France, typically the chocolatier uses a ballotin & fills it with your desired assortment.  It is lined with glassine paper & candy pads separate layers.  Then it is tied with a beautiful ribbon and sealed with the company marque, generally the logo of the maison.

Our ballotins come in several sizes:  4.5 oz, 9.0 oz, 18 oz and 27 oz .

Ballotin Sizes 

Our Barks, Brittles & Toffees are another matter entirely, as we fill a clear hexagon full of treats  and finish it with our printed logo seal.  These confections are never an even shape or size, so we carefully fill each container for the right weight.  And of course this is also traditionally French.