Pre-Orders and Custom Requests

We make our chocolate in small batches so it is always fresh and delicious.  

Sometimes it is 'Sold Out' ... meaning, it won't be ready soon so please check back again later.

PRE-ORDER allows your to reserve the item of your choice for shipping on the next ready date.  It will say PRE-ORDER as the button choice for items that are being prepared.

SPECIFIC DELIVERY DATES can be requested through 'Message to Seller'.  If you want to buy your gift ahead of time and ship for a holiday or event, we will reserve your order and ship for the arrival date you request.  Or give us a call and we'll take care of you.

CUSTOM REQUESTS are also available through 'Message to Seller'.  For instance: if you want a Bonbon Assortment but don't like a particular flavor, we will accommodate your needs.

You can always reach us at or 1.844.9 LESAINT (953.7246) and ask a question or make a more detailed request.