White Chocolate Hawaiian Mendiant

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A wonderful taste of the tropics. Delicious pineapple, organic coconut & salted Macadamia nuts are a perfect pairing with white chocolate. Each Mendiant is big enough to share. A taste of Hawaiian goodness! 

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INGREDIENTS:  White chocolate (sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, soy lecithin as emulsifier, vanilla), salted dry-roasted macadamia nuts, dried pineapple, organic coconut.*Gluten-free. *Vegetarian. Allergens: may contain traces of nuts, soy.
PACKAGING & SHIPPING: Box of 8 includes 8 white chocolate mendiants.
Chocolates are shipped with ice packs during the warm seasons (for Northern US) and all year round (for Southern US) to ensure they are intact and delicious!